Saturday Breakfast - Steve Beck

Saturday Breakfast - Steve Beck
Achieving Life/Work Balance

This Keynote is about having participants look at what gets in their way of living a balanced and healthy life. It may be as easy as setting some long and short terms goals for themselves.
Steve will explore what it takes to achieve absolute and astounding success in their job and in their life and the importance of creating a game plan for getting through the problems, obstacles, fears, and roadblocks that stand in their way of achieving all their goals.

Key Learning Points:

*Statistics on goal setting and their relevance on success
*The importance of having a vision-creating a pathway to success
*How to get through the problems, obstacles, & stumbling blocks to achieving our goals
*The Beck Method on How to achieve any goal?
*How having a great attitude can speed up our success
*How important DESIRE is in achieving our goals
*Achieving balance through goal setting
*Reducing stress through goal setting
*How negative thoughts slow down the success process
*Focus and how important it is every day