Saturday Lunch - Gary Smith
The Diagnostic Puzzle: Success or Struggle?
Sponsored by Automaster

Diagnostics on Current and Future Technologies: PREPARE for Success in your Back End Operations.
This Keynote speech hits a chord with shop owners, service advisors and techs alike.
Diagnostic challenges today can be frustrating, complex, and sometimes expensive.

This speech identifies issues in diagnosing current and near future technologies such as telematics and high speed control systems, and takes a motivational approach to help shops complete the missing pieces in their Diagnostic Puzzle? ? how do we train and equip our back end for successful diagnostics?

How does our approach to the vehicle affect the outcome of our diagnostic? Do we have and use a diagnostic process in the shop, or do we wing it??

The speech takes a realistic look at the entire diagnostic puzzle, and sheds light on how to approach these issues and move forward technically, in a controlled fashion.

Each shop has different diagnostic challenges, this speech will motivate the crowd to identify strengths and weaknesses in diagnostic process and help the shop to build a plan for improvement!